New Follower-No Editing Yet Again-Staying True to It All

Today my step-dad decided to follow my blog. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to react to that. Should I block him because he’s had years to connect with me and never did? Should I block him because the only time he’s truly been kind and fun to/with me has been when he was drinking-oh yeah, I noticed this over the years!? How can you only be nice to someone when yhou have a couple of drinks in you? How can you only greet the dogs in the house yet walk right by a human being-your step-daughter, in your home? Oh wait, because your wife only cares about you and not her child. Because YOU only care about your selfishness and fuck your step-daughter and the abuse and pain she’s battling through.

Should I block him and my mom because fuck them for not being there for me when I needed them or for even making me type this?! Should I say to hell with this and him for the years in which I tried to build a family in which I was a part of down to the point of me trying to make myself interested in his bs like golf while he gave not one damn about me and my passions? Fuck him for his arrogance in thinking he can suddenly come around now and try to get a glimpse into my life. Fuck Tom for thinking he can follow me and my writing now like it’s important for him. I’ve been important for decades. Where the fuck have you been?!


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